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 Getting the Best Legal Representation

Gary B.

I’ve spent much of my adult years riding motorcycles, and was fortunate to have never had an accident.  That is until last summer, when a careless driver made a sudden, and unexpected left turn directly in front of me heading for a residential driveway to turn around. I’ve always watched for left turning vehicles at intersections, but this was totally unexpected. 
Fortunately I was not going very fast, and the resulting collision only resulted in minor injuries, and a damaged Sportster. The careless driver got a ticket for failure to yield. I got an overnight stay at a local hospital with all the medical bills, a bike damage estimate, and a towing charge.
Once out of the hospital, my daughter who is also a rider, convinced me to call The Rabin Law Firm and enlist them to handle the claim against the careless driver’s insurance company. 
That was good advice, because I knew I was not savvy enough about dealing with insurance companies to maximize a financial recovery to pay my hospital bills, fix the bike, and get a little compensation for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, in New York State No Fault Insurance does not apply to motorcycle riders.   
A day later, we met with Ben Rabin. I was immediately impressed with Ben, who is a long time motorcycle rider himself who understands the sport, and its participants far better than the average attorney who handles any type of accident case.
It was very clear to me right away that Ben has the depth of knowledge, and experience with 
Insurance companies as well as New York State motor vehicle laws to provide the best representation, and to maximize my settlement.
He knew all the tricks and angles that auto insurance companies typically pull on unaware claimants in order to minimize their payouts.  He knew the questions to ask, where to dig for answers, and how to work insurance companies to the best advantage for his clients.
He is THE specialist when it comes to financial recovery when you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, or any vehicular accident for that matter.
One outstanding attribute to his work method is that he works directly with his clients. That meant I got his personal service from start to finish. If I had a question or needed to contact him, my e-mail was always answered promptly, usually within an hour or even minutes the same day. He always kept me posted of important milestones, or called me when decisions had to be made to move the case forward. He also took the time to explain to me many of the aspects of personal injury accidents, and property damage recovery that I was unaware of. 
Being involved in a personal injury motorcycle accident is a traumatic, and life changing event that puts a huge burden on your shoulders that no one should have to bear alone. 
Ben lifted much of that burden for me.  I highly recommended the Rabin Law Firm.
I’ve never experienced better legal service than I received from Ben.

Promptness, Professionalism, and Knowledge to Those That Need Support

Barbara S.

When I recall my youngest brother’s accident, I remember feeling helpless as my brother was being transported by helicopter due to the significance of the injuries sustained in a very serious car collision.  During a situation like that, being related is hard but being the only sister is so unfortunate.  Most importantly, were the medical actions to keep him alive but I also had to take care of our parents, doctors, hospital care, police agency, and my brother.  Never did it occur to me that there was more, way more to be involved.  I also did not want to leave my brother alone for a minute in the hospital.  A couple of days passed and I happened to look in my wallet one day and I found Ben’s business card.  Immediately I gave it to my brother in his hospital bed and I instructed him that if anyone came asking questions to just say nothing and hand them Ben’s business card.  I told my brother that when he was able to, he would call Ben and speak for himself.
After a few days, my brother contacted Ben and from that moment, I never had to worry about another thing pertaining beyond my brother’s medical care.  I was able to assist my parents and brother where medically necessary and not once did I have to think outside that position.  
Ben took care of my kid brother as his own kid brother.  He visited the kid at the hospital, Ben called him, Ben checked on him and Ben took care of him where I was not suitable, adequate or mentally able to assist.  Ben assisted my brother in essentials that I never contemplated; insurance, disability, vehicular, and injury necessities.  I think one of the most profound impacts created from this situation is the connection that my brother has built with Ben.  My brother has discovered and learned for himself that he is able to trust in Ben and to believe in Ben, that there is someone that truly cares about others rather than themself.  Ben honors those he engages with respect, compassion and kindness.  I will not forget how Ben assisted my brother when I could not and I will always identify Ben’s promptness, professionalism and knowledge to those that need support.  

5 Stars!


Was in a motor vehicle accident in November of 2011. I was given Ben’s name and contact information from a friend and I must say, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was going through a career change and this accident caused me to have to put that on hold. I was extremely disappointed and the thought of a long, drawn out “fight” with an insurance company was not what i was looking forward to. Ben eased my fears from the first meeting. I left feeling confident and well informed. That feeling stayed the same after every single conversion I had with him. He stayed in close contact with me the whole time during the process. Updating me even if there was nothing new to really update me on! He was able to work with the insurance company and get me a settlement that I am more than pleased with(Loss wages and pain and suffering). I highly recommend Ben to everyone, you will not be let down. Extremely professional yet extremely down to earth. If I could give this review more than 5 stars, I would in a heartbeat!

Reliable, Professional Service


I have had help from the Rabin Law firm with two traffic tickets that were resolved promptly and satisfactorily from my perspective. They made the whole process easy-I provided the tickets and explained the circumstances and they handled the rest.



Ben has worked on several cases for me and others I know who ride. I recommend him to everyone. He has a vast knowledge of motorcycles and the law surrounding personal injury. Really the best combination you could ask for in a motorcycle accident case. Hands down this is the person you want behind you.

Got the Job Done


My wife and I each received speeding tickets on the same weekend. We contacted Mr. Rabin hoping he could help. He discussed the situations with us and felt he could help. We were very happy with the outcome! Mr. Rabin kept us in the loop and made the process very easy. I hope we don't need his services again anytime soon but if we do, I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

Good Guy, Great Lawyer


Over the years I have had the chance to refer cases to Ben, speak with him at seminars and discuss several cases with him. We have worked together for clients and referred cases to each other. Ben has always taken care of the client's I refer to him. He is a responsive, hard working dedicated advocate who understand the complexities of civil litigation and personal injury better than most.

One of The Good Law Firms

Matthew M.

I had a Debt that was turned over to B&R. Given the unfortunate circumstances, they were easy to work with, communicated effectively, and helped me pay off the debt. I say this with all respect, one of the good law firms I never want to work with again!!!

They Have Been Fair to Work With

David K.

I’ve paid down a fairly large large debt handled by B and R. They have been fair to work with with no added funny business.

Amazing work

Diane L.

I wanted to say thank you for your representation on my behalf for my case. You were so very caring and I could see your professionalism towards me as I felt so broken at the time. You were a great listener and showed me you were on my side 100%.
You went beyond what I expected and I am so appreciative of the outcome.  I really can’t thank you enough. Also, thank you to the rest of your team.