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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Syracuse, NY

Mr. Rabin’s primary focus is on motorcycle crashes. He has been representing injured motorcyclists for more than twenty years and understands the difficult issues that motorcycle crash victims face. Having an experienced motorcycle lawyer, one who has handled hundreds of motorcycle cases, is vital to a successful case.

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The practice of law has changed over the years. It has become more and more complicated and precise, as the laws that govern us have become more numerous and specific. In order to successfully represent a client, a law firm must have the experience and knowledge to effectively handle each different kind of case. At the Rabin Law Firm, LLC we’ve put together the skills and education necessary to best help different groups of injured people. One of those groups is bikers.

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What an Experienced Attorney Can Do for You

We believe that in order to best help an injured biker, an attorney must have two essential things.

First, because bikers face very different laws in New York State when compared to other victims (laws that are NOT in the biker’s favor) the attorney must have experience and knowledge sufficient to deal with the different laws, and the unique situations created by those laws.

Second, because bikers face a number of prejudices and presumptions, the attorney must have an intricate knowledge of the biker’s perspective and more importantly the subtle and obvious differences between normal vehicle operation and motorcycle riding.

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Motorcycle lawyer Benjamin Rabin has represented hundreds of bikers in Syracuse, New York, learning along the way the various laws and legal issues that are unique to motorcycle law. And, most importantly, Ben has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. He understands what a rider faces, and can effectively relay that to a judge or jury.

In addition to being a motorcycle lawyer, Ben Rabin is a true biker. He participates in charity work with bikers all year and is the former Chairman of Bikers for Babies, one of the largest biker charity ride in Upstate New York. He’s a past Vice President of Bikers United, a group that helps injured bikers that have no, or too little, insurance. He is a lifetime member of ABATE of NY and sits on the board of directors of the Onondaga County chapter. He supports the American Motorcycle Association and the Motorcycle Right Foundation.

Ben regularly writes for biker publications with articles intended to support and help the motorcycle community and he lectures to anyone who will listen about how to best protect themselves from the financial risks of riding motorcycles in New York, where the insurance laws are unfavorable to bikers.