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Strangest Near Bike Crash?

Aug. 20, 2012

by The Rabin Law Firm

Strangest near bike crash? I think so. Got a stranger one? I was riding yesterday, and from my left, across the road, comes this hawk, trying to fly away with a squirrel carcass. But it can’t gain enough altitude, and so it is heading toward the space right in front of me as I’m riding. I assume it really did not want to give up breakfast, so it keeps coming. And since I’m in aero and can’t believe this is happening, I keep riding. We are on a collision course, and get so close I am sure we are going to hit. So sure, I put my left arm up to block it! It drops the squirrel at the last second and the bloody mess plops down about 1 foot away as the hawk passes by about 6 inches over my head!! Wow.