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Recovery Run on Thursday

Aug. 19, 2012

by The Rabin Law Firm

But not because I raced an Olympic on Sunday, or because I did a particularly long run previously. No, this was a recovery from the EPIC Oreo (and more) binge that I’ve been on since the Cazenovia race, which turns out is my last race of the year! When the Oreos were gone (which was late Monday after the Sunday race) I turned to anything I could get my hands on, which included some old Peeps that I found stashed in the pantry. Sorry kids. The gallon of Friendly’s black raspberry ice cream gave me a run for my money, so I’d like to thank Hershey’s for making those AWESOME semi-sweet choc chips that really came through and helped me push through at the end.

Tired from training? Sometimes. Need a break from months of exercise? It happens. Plowing through everything in the house that may have ever come close to sugar? No break needed. I could keep this up for ever. But I won’t. Time to knock it off. Only 48 weeks to IMLP!!!