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Nightmares from Ironman? Sort Of

Jan. 13, 2013

by The Rabin Law Firm

I can’t get away. My body just won’t go. I try to run, but my legs go SO slowly that I want to scream at them to MOVE. My upper body starts to lean back, almost involuntary. I want to lean forward, to help make myself go forward, but I can’t. It just won’t go.

I can’t get my feet to grip. They seem to glide just above solid ground, unable to grab, unable to propel me. I can’t get away. I can’t move forward.

My arms feel like something is grabbing them as I helplessly pump them back and forth, trying add SOME momentum to my body. But they too can’t help me.

I can’t get away.

Nightmare? Nope. It’s aqua jogging. Tied to the side of the pool, floating just above the bottom, it reminds me of almost every nightmare I’ve ever had. Except maybe this is worse.

Why I’m here is irrelevant (and boring and not really funny) but man, I never thought I’d want to be running outside in the snow/sleet/rain/heat – ANYTHING – as much as I do now.