Taking on Your Legal Challenges

So You Can Focus on Your Recovery


Are Men and Women Really that Different? You Betcha!

Men and woman are just plain different. At least, based on observations, that’s what I’ve come to realize is the case in my world.

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I’m doing a hard workout in the pool the other day, and feeling good about myself. I feel like I’m becoming an athlete, like I’m almost competitive, like I’m starting to get . . .fast?

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Perspective – Again

It is amazing what perspective can do. It can take a identical object or situation and make the observer or participant feel completely different about it.

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I Am a Guinea Pig!

I got asked by local tri trainer, who is doing a study on exercise (they won’t give me the details until after it is over), to be part of an experiment. I will travel to SUNY Cortland a few times and undergo some tests on a stationary bike.

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How Do I Hurt Me? Let Me Count the Ways

I have been injured a whole bunch lately. And I want to get hurt while training or racing. No, wait: let me rephrase that. I wish my injuries were from training or racing.

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Confirmed Crazy by Science

I finished my testing this morning. I can’t yet comment on the specifics, since there are others who are not finished and I might ruin the experiment if I get into details BUT I can reveal this:

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Strangest Near Bike Crash?

Strangest near bike crash? I think so. Got a stranger one? I was riding yesterday, and from my left, across the road, comes this hawk, trying to fly away with a squirrel carcass.

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Recovery Run on Thursday

But not because I raced an Olympic on Sunday, or because I did a particularly long run previously. No, this was a recovery from the EPIC Oreo (and more) binge that I’ve been on since the Cazenovia race, which turns out is my last race of the year!

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Hello World!

This blog will keep track of what is sure to be a hilarious journey to IMLP 2013. It was supposed to start exactly one year from the race, but I could not quite figure out how all this blog stuff works.

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